Damsel In Defense

EQUIPPING and giving women access to products that can protect them. Most women have never held a stun gun and can’t tell you where she could find one to see, hold and purchase. We are changing that!

EMPOWERING women to protect themselves. We are hearing it from customers time and again. Having an item in your hand in that dark parking lot just makes the walk to your car feel safer. It is not a false sense of security, it’s knowing that you are better off just carrying a deterrent than you were empty handed

EDUCATING women by providing them with resources to back up their purchase with self-defense training. Our relationships with our customers and our fight against the National Statistics does not end at the time of purchase.

This is about women defending themselves and being proactive in today's world

This is about women defending themselves and being proactive in today’s world

A new study by the Center for Disease Control reveals that violence against women continues to be a significant problem in the United States, and some of the troubling findings indicate that sexual violence occurs at a high rate.

According to the national survey, nearly one in five women has been raped or has experienced an attempted rape. The results also found that one in six women has been stalked, and one in four have been reported being beaten by their intimate partner.


The National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey [PDF], conducted by the CDC in 2010, found that the majority of victims encountered rape and sexual assault for the first time in their youth. Of rape victims, 80 percent reported being raped before 25 and nearly half of female victims said they were raped before they turned 18. Of male victims, more than a quarter—28 percent—said they were first assaulted when they were 10 years old or younger.


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