Stress Solutions


Here are some of the best ways to relax.

•Analyze. Teach yourself to step back and see the “big picture.” Will this matter in 100 years? Is it helping, or destroying, relationships?

•Bath. Take a bath. Soaking in a warm bath with herbs and epsom salts, scented oils and candles is one of the very best ways to relax. It doesn’t happen nearly often enough.

The warm water is a great way to unwind while helping your body detox. It dilates your blood vessels, aids blood circulation, and draws contaminants out through your pores. The aroma of herbs or oils stimulate your well-being and it just plain feels good.

•Breath Deep. Having learned breathing techniques in my LaMaze class, there is probably not another thing that has helped me relax more when I am in the dentist’s chair, someone is yelling at me, or I get cut off in traffic, than breathing deep and steadily and focusing on something else.


•Change if you need to. You don’t always have to be right. Ask yourself if it is really that important. Dr. Wayne Dyer said, “When you have a choice between being right or being kind, you’re a lot better off being kind.”

•Distractions. Do something different to get out of your rut. If you sit at a desk all day, something different can be going home and building a dog house or playing a game of basketball. It doesn’t have to be quiet. But if you work at the factory, coming home and sitting in front of the computer might be relaxing.


•Exercise. Muscle tention is a huge by-product of chronic stress. We have already talked about the many benefits of exercise. So many studies have shown that nothing works better for working off our stress. Remember, no matter what your problem is – exercise is part of the answer. It my seem odd that exercise could be relaxing, but truly, it is one of the best ways to relax.

•Go for a Walk. Walking can be a peaceful and relaxing form of exercise. Couple that with fresh air and a friendly wave at the neighbors, walking works off stress. Take time to smell a flower.


•Focus on the beauty in everything. I am reminded of a time when I was in an extremely stressful situation with the people I was working with. We took a full day hike and climbed Mt. Timpanogas in Utah – a strenuous eight mile hike – straight up.

As we climbed I began to be aware of the beautiful waterfalls that cascaded past me over and over again as I navigated the sometimes precarious switchback trail. Soon I stopped.
I drank in the beauty of the scene in front of me as I allowed the fingers of healing to massage my troubled mind. I felt an amazing peace.
•Food. Make Healthy Food Choices. Eat less refined sugar, drink less coffee, eat more fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Incorporate herbs into your eating habits.

It is interesting to think that the food we eat can be one of the best ways to relax. Be sure to drink plenty of water – it not only hydrates your body, but it nourishes your brain.


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