Exercise Benefits


•It makes you feel better about yourself, and more confident. That leads to better success with other positive changes.
•It reinforces the positive thinking habit — you need to think positive in order to sustain exercise.

•It relieves stress and gives you time to think — this leads to better mental well-being in your life overall.
•It helps with creativity. Don’t ask me to prove it, except to say that my best ideas and brainstorming sessions come from when I exercise.
Now, a growing body of research is showing that regular exercise—as simple as a brisk 30- to 45-minute walk five times a week—can boost the body’s immune system, increasing the circulation of natural killer cells that fight off viruses and bacteria


Health Benefits of Exercise and Physical Activity:

Reduce the risk of premature death

Reduce the risk of developing and/or dying from heart disease

Reduce high blood pressure or the risk of high blood pressure

Reduce high cholesterol or the risk of developing high cholesterol

Reduce the risk of developing colon cancer and breast cancer

Reduce the risk of developing diabetesreason

Reduce or maintain body weight or body fat

Build and maintain healthy muscles, bones, and joints

Reduce depression and anxiety


Improve psychological well-being

Enhanced work, recreation, and sport performance


Benefits of Aerobic Exercise:sex

Increased maximal oxygen consumption (VO2max)

Improvement in cardivascular/cardiorespiratory function (heart and lungs)

Increased maximal cardiac output (amount of blood pumped every minute)

Increased maximal stroke volume (amount of blood pumped with each beat)

Increased blood volume and ability to carry oxygen


Reduced workload on the heart (myocardial oxygen consumption) for any given submaximal exercise intensity

Increased blood supply to muscles and ability to use oxygen
Lower heart rate and blood pressure at any level of submaximal exercise

Increased threshold for lactic acid accumulationfun

Lower resting systolic and diastolic blood pressure in people with high blood pressure

Increased HDL Cholesterol (the good cholesterol)

Decreased blood triglycerides

Reduced body fat and improved weight control

Improved glucose tolerance and reduced insulin resistance

Benefits of Strength Training:

Increased muscular strength


Increased strength of tendons and ligaments

Potentially improves flexibility (range of motion of joints)

Reduced body fat and increased lean body mass (muscle mass)

Potentially decreases resting systolic and diastolic blood pressure

Positive changes in blood cholesterol

Improved glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity

Improved strength, balance, and functional ability in older adults



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