Doodling actually helps your perspective…When you draw recklessly, its helps you see what you’re capable of.

Keep old drawings to encourage you as you see your improvement.

Never ever stop trying to become an artist because it is great.

*Never be humiliated when someone laughs at a drawing.


When you finish your first sketchbook, buy another! By the time you’ve finished that you’ll have improved so much.

Always say “Its how I draw and this is what I think is good”, don’t take others opinion to your heart if they say something bad about your drawing.

You will likely improve in bursts of personal insight into seeing the world around you as an artist.

Understand that no one has to be born with a talent. Those that are, are lucky. Art can be developed with interest. Most art need not be painted like a picture. One can use a camera for exactness.

Paintings develop from the artists feel of the subject, interpretation and varying colors. No two people are exactly alike. No two artists paint the same way, and no two see things in the exact colors.

Art can be learned, discovered and can develop with the proper exposure. Just remember being an artist is not how well you can draw, but the emotion that comes out of it.

Get your work out there by trying to get your artwork into art galleries.



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