2013 (Organize)


I recently read a blog that had a good idea of picking a focus word for the new year instead of resolutions. Well, my word of focus for this year must be organization. I must organize my life. So, here is my journey to organization – the one thing that changes everything.

Only Organize My Life offers you the 7 Principles of Organizing Success.

1. Begin with the end in mind. Credit goes to Steven Covey for this one. All decisions will be based on your vision of success. By focusing on your vision of success we will know how the end result looks, feels, and functions.

2. Become a minimalist. Less is so much more. Surround yourself with the things that help you be your best. The rest just gets in the way. Besides, the more you have, the more you have to maintain.

3. Store things where you use them. This eliminates last minutes searches that make us late or appear unprepared. You won’t have to worry about where the Organizing Consultant put something; its whereabouts will be perfectly logical.

4. Make storage and retrieval easy. The more steps it takes it put something away the less likely it is to happen. The file cabinet may look great across the room but, if you have to get up constantly, your filing system won’t work.

5. Become better at making decisions. Clutter is often a tangible result of postponed decisions. Develop decision making skills to help you move through those undesirable tasks.


6. Use your time to focus on the important things in life. Do you find your home or work day flying by without feeling a sense of accomplishment? Learn how to stop, analyze, and prioritize. Are you working on your priorities or do they belong to someone else?

7. Create simple systems. Whether you want to simplify processes in the office or help your child remember all the necessities for a school day, the principles are the same. Implement step-by-step processes that ensure success.


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