Keep It Happy

It is important to be happy. Here are some ways to encourage happiness.
1.Sleep. No cost, always effective. Just don’t oversleep though or you’ll feel sluggish.
2.Go someplace quiet and appreciate the silence. You can go to the church and pray for spiritual strength.
3.Meditate and call for positive energy or alternatively, simply take deep breathes and empty your thoughts.
4.Pamper yourself in your own home. Take a relaxing bath or shower. Prepare a sumptuous home cooked meal.
5.Stretch, do some tai chi or learn a bit of yoga. The internet has free resources on how to properly do these.

6.Exercise or at least take a leisurely walk. Get some blood pumping and release some endorphins, the body’s feel-good chemicals.
7.Listen to your favorite music. Sing along or dance in your room.
8.Play with your child, your younger sibling, your baby nephew or niece or with your pet.
9.Gather old newspapers and magazines and learn how to do origami.
10.Try to learn a performance skill such as juggling, doing magic tricks or spinning poi.

11.Climb your roof and gaze at the stars. Bring a map of constellations and see how many you can find.
12.Read a book. If you don’t have anything good in your shelf, go to the library or a local bookstore that allows private reading.
13.Put your thoughts into writing and release. Make an attempt at poetry. Blog about your stress.
14.Take your digital camera and shoot around the house. Have fun with macro shots or experiment with angles.
15.You can also camwhore and pretend you’re a print ad model. Use the pictures to practice your digital photo editing skills.

16.Take out your memory box or old photo albums and reminisce the past.
17.Invite friends over and have a pot-luck house party. Play board games, watch a DVD marathon or simply talk and have some interesting conversation.
18.Re-watch a feel good movie in your home video collection.
19.Have some “quality time” with your spouse.
20.Change your bed sheet and pillow covers. Lay yourself on your bed and nestle into the freshness.


Versatile Vera

All these benefits:
• Lowers high cholesterol
• Repairs “sludge blood” and reverses “sticky blood”.
• Boosts the oxygenation of your blood.
• Eases inflammation and soothes arthritis pain.
• Protects the body from oxidative stress.
• Prevents kidney stones and protects the body from oxalates in coffee and tea.
• Alkalizes the body, helping to balance overly acidic dietary habits.
• Cures ulcers, IBS, Crohn’s disease and other digestive disorders.
• Reduces high blood pressure natural, by treating the cause, not just the symptoms.
• Nourishes the body with minerals, vitamins, enzymes and glyconutrients.
• Accelerates healing from physical burns and radiation burns.
• Replaces dozens of first aid products, makes bandages and antibacterial sprays obsolete.
• Halts colon cancer, heals the intestines and lubricates the digestive tract.
• Ends constipation.
• Stabilizes blood sugar and reduces triglycerides in diabetics.
• Prevents and treats candida infections.
• Protects the kidneys from disease.
• Functions as nature’s own “sports drink” for electrolyte balance, making common sports drinks obsolete.
• Boosts cardiovascular performance and physical endurance.
• Speeds recovery from injury or physical exertion.
• Hydrates the skin, accelerates skin repair.

Truly, there is nothing else that compares to the medicinal potential of aloe vera.

Beautiful Benefits

Aloe vera boosts immune function and destroys cancer tumors. Scientific research shows strong immunomodulatory and antitumour properties for aloe vera polysaccharides. That means the gel helps boosts immune system function while destroying cancer tumors. One study published in International Immunopharmacology (1995) showed that aloe vera polysaccharides exhibited potent macrophage-activating activities including producing increased volumes of nitric oxide (which has antitumor potential).

Personally, I believe that anyone wishing to prevent or cure cancer should seriously investigate aloe vera as part of their recipe for eliminating cancer for life. I wouldn’t rely solely on aloe vera, especially since there are dozens of cancer cures that are now well known in naturopathic medicine. Combining the right herbs (like cat’s claw), superfoods (like spirulina), advanced therapies (like intravenous vitamin C), oxygen therapy and other modalities will give you the best results when battling any form of cancer. Moringa oliefera is also essential.

Aloe vera halts inflammation Using aloe topically is well known to ease inflammation of joints, reducing arthritis pain. But aloe can also be used internally, reducing inflammation throughout the body from the inside out. People who drink aloe vera for two weeks typically begin to experience a significant reduction of inflammation symptoms.

Aloe vera enhances skin health Aloe is one of the most widely-used ingredients in high-grade skin care products. There’s a reason for that: It’s great medicine for the skin! Aloe soothes the skin, hydrates it, nourishes it and accelerates the regeneration of new skin tissue. (In fact, simply removing the gel from a living aloe vera leaf and placing the raw gel on your face is far superior to even the most expensive eye cream or skin care product on the market.) And while most people are only familiar with using aloe vera externally, aloe also enhances skin health when used internally. Drink more aloe and your skin glows!

Aloe vera stabilizes blood sugar in diabetics. Diabetic patients who take aloe vera for 3 months experience a significant drop in fasting blood sugar levels. They also exhibit lower cholesterol levels and slight improvements in total cholesterol. Numerous clinical studies have been published that demonstrate aloe vera’s antidiabetic properties.
Diabetics are also likely to benefit strongly from aloe vera’s blood enhancements. Since aloe reverses “sludge blood” and boosts circulation to extremities, diabetics suffering from peripheral neuropathy (hands and feet going numb) are likely to benefit strongly from aloe vera supplements.

Aloe vera lowers cholesterol and triglycerides.When used internally, aloe vera gel improves the quality of the blood and helps rebalance the blood chemistry in a way that lowers cholesterol and total triglycerides (in people with elevated levels). When you consider that blueberries are also powerful cholesterol-lowering medicines, you realize why the Good Cause Wellness Aloe Vera + Blueberry product is such a smart idea: Both ingredients lower high cholesterol! Plus, this is far safer than using statin drugs, which have extremely harmful negative side effects while depleting the body of nutrients such as CoQ10.

My advice to anyone on statin drugs is to strongly consider using high doses of aloe vera + blueberries to safety transition off statin drugs (all under the supervision of a naturopathic physician, of course). Aloe vera won’t kill you like statin drugs can, either. Aloe is completely safe to eat like a food. Given the cholesterol benefits of aloe and blueberries, statin drugs are actually obsolete. There are natural alternatives that are far safer, less expensive and more effective. Aloe vera is one of them.

Aloe vera relieves joint and muscle pain.
This effect is directly related to the inflammation factor mentioned above. It works when used both internally and externally. Essentially, aloe reduces overall inflammation. Of course, is you continue eating a pro-inflammatory diet (red meat, milk, sugar, white flour, fried foods etc.) then you’ll never get rid of all your inflammation with aloe alone, but aloe can help ease your pain while you transition to a healthier lifestyle that eliminates the inflammation for good!

Aloe vera amplifies the antioxidant effects of vitamins. This is an especially interesting effect of aloe: It makes vitamin C, vitamin E and other antioxidants work better! It actually potentiates antioxidants, probably due to its effect on enhancing blood quality and allowing the blood to more effectively transport oxygen and nutrients to the body’s cells. In fact, it is my belief that aloe vera makes everything nutritious work better due to its blood-enhancing effects. If I’m right about that, it means aloe can potentiate anti-cancer herbs, too, helping them more effectively target tumors.

Silky Skin

Healthy Hair And More


Aloe Vera Gel Benefits for Hair:

– Moisturizes

– Detangles

– Can activate fresh growth

– Heals and soothes damaged scalp from dandruff, scratches, & burns

– Is an anti-puritic reducing dandruff, itchy, scaly scalp and Seborrheic Dermatitis

– Balances pH level (porosity) of hair

– Can help define hair

– Can be used as a holding gel

– Prevents excessive hair loss

– Enhances Cellular Rejuvenation ( restoration of cells)

– Contains Natural Building Enzyme for Proteins

– Anti-Inflammatory

Some ways it can be used:

– Mixing equal parts Extra Virgin Olive Oil with equal parts Aloe Vera gel for a deep conditioner.

– Apply Aloe Vera Gel as a leave in and seal it with you oil of choice, such as coconut oil. This will lock the aloe gels moisture into your hair.

– Aloe gel mixed with vegetable glycerin, any essential oil and coconut milk can be used a no-poo or co-wash.

– Aloe Vera mixed with Castor oil is great to oil the scalp for help with growth.


Great Green


What’s in aloe vera gel:

• Water • 20 minerals • 12 vitamins • 18 amino acids • 200 active plant compounds (phytonutrients), including: • Enzymes • Triterpenes (a phytonutrient that lowers blood sugar) • Glyconutrients & glycoproteins • Polysaccharides, including: • Acemannan, mannose-6-phosphate polymannans • Phenolic glycosides, including: • Dihydrocoumarins

Mike Adams’ Miracle Aloe Very Smoothie Recipe • 1 large fresh, raw aloe vera leaf gel (or low-temperature dried aloe vera gel powder if you don’t have fresh plants) • 1 scoop Jay Robb’s egg white protein powder (unsweetened) • 2 cups fresh berries (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries or a combination) • 1 quart Blue Diamond unsweetened almond milk ( or whatever milk you drink) • 1/2 teaspoon stevia or 2 tablespoond agave nectar (or your favorite sweetener) • (Optional) 1 cup cooked quinoa (adds protein and fiber to the drink) • 1-2 cups of water

There is More….


Beautiful Benefits

  • Aloe has to be antibacterial simply to survive in the wild! Otherwise, the moist, nutrient-rich gel would be a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.


  • Aloe vera makes most first aid kits obsolete. You can get rid of all those silly, toxic first aid sprays (antibacteria sprays, lotions, bandages, etc.) and just replace them all with aloe vera. I’ve been known to pack small chunks of aloe vera gel inside wounds that ultimately healed with zero scarring. As the aloe vera dries, it actually contracts, pulling the wound shut and keeping it completely free of dangerous bacteria. Plus, it provides nourishment to the wound tissue itself. It’s also perfect for use on animals, because if they lick the wound, they won’t be licking the toxic chemicals found in most first aid products.


  • Aloe is so useful, in fact, that I take a leaf with me every time I go hiking. It’s my portable first aid kit, and when you have aloe, you hardly need anything else. It treats cuts, scrapes, burns, bites, stings, punctures, sprains, sunburns and even bruises. And as a bonus, if you’re dying of thirst, you can eat the gel for its water content. An entire multi-billion dollar industry in chemical first aid products and synthetic skin care products is made obsolete by aloe vera. That’s why I hope Alan Friedman, the founder of Good Cause Wellness, will soon offer a pure aloe vera gel without any other ingredients. That way, it could be used both as a food supplement AND as a first-aid product.


  • Aloe vera as a natural food preservative
    A thin layer of aloe vera gel can be used as a natural food preservative, eliminating the need for chemical preservatives. Research conducted by Daniel Valero, Ph.D., of the University of Miguel Hernández in Alicante, Spain, showed that a thin layer of aloe vera gel was highly effective in preserving foods. For the experiment, they dipped table grapes into an aloe vera gel, then stored them at refrigerator temperatures. Untreated table graped went bad in 7 days, but the grapes dipped in aloe vera stayed fresh and tast for as astonishing 35 days!
  • Great Green

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2013 (Organize)


I recently read a blog that had a good idea of picking a focus word for the new year instead of resolutions. Well, my word of focus for this year must be organization. I must organize my life. So, here is my journey to organization – the one thing that changes everything.

Only Organize My Life offers you the 7 Principles of Organizing Success.

1. Begin with the end in mind. Credit goes to Steven Covey for this one. All decisions will be based on your vision of success. By focusing on your vision of success we will know how the end result looks, feels, and functions.

2. Become a minimalist. Less is so much more. Surround yourself with the things that help you be your best. The rest just gets in the way. Besides, the more you have, the more you have to maintain.

3. Store things where you use them. This eliminates last minutes searches that make us late or appear unprepared. You won’t have to worry about where the Organizing Consultant put something; its whereabouts will be perfectly logical.

4. Make storage and retrieval easy. The more steps it takes it put something away the less likely it is to happen. The file cabinet may look great across the room but, if you have to get up constantly, your filing system won’t work.

5. Become better at making decisions. Clutter is often a tangible result of postponed decisions. Develop decision making skills to help you move through those undesirable tasks.


6. Use your time to focus on the important things in life. Do you find your home or work day flying by without feeling a sense of accomplishment? Learn how to stop, analyze, and prioritize. Are you working on your priorities or do they belong to someone else?

7. Create simple systems. Whether you want to simplify processes in the office or help your child remember all the necessities for a school day, the principles are the same. Implement step-by-step processes that ensure success.

Grateful is Good


Here are some ways to start practicing gratitude to improve your well-being:
1.Keep a gratitude journal. At the end of each day, write down 3-5 things from the day you feel grateful for. Simplicity is key. Your baby’s smile, a perfect sunset, the train arriving on time, or your best friend’s laughter. Relish the feeling you get when remembering and writing it down.
2.Express your gratitude. Take the time to share your feelings. Not the simple, polite thank you, but the heartfelt emotions. Tell your friend how her support and sense of humor helps you get through tough times, and how much it means to you. Don’t take your loved ones for granted. Let them know how much you love them and why.

3.Look for what is right about a situation, not what’s wrong. Sure you’re frustrated by the bus being late, but thankfully you have an understanding boss. Service at the restaurant is poor, but you are lucky to afford an evening out surrounded by good friends.
4.Practice gratitude with your family and friends. Although you may not say grace before a meal, encourage each family member to report one thing that happened that day that they feel grateful for. When you hear a friend moaning and complaining, challenge him or her to find the hidden opportunity or silver lining to the situation.